Juin 26, 2007

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La politique…

Pourquoi la plupart des thais sont ils si ininteresses par la politique en ce moment?

Voila c’est la question que je me pose, je vais tacher d’y repondre ici en anglais car je veux toucher plus de monde, avec l’aide de quelques amis qui m’ont aide egalement. Voici un dialogue retranscrit sous forme d’interview remanie de l’opinion d’une thai vivant en Thailande avec quelques ajouts de ma part.

Why don’t some people want to speak or listen about politics?
I cannot speak for the whole people but what some think is that Thaksin was too much corrupted. Others are of course, but Thaksin is too much so he has to pay for the whole people. Alright, in Thailand you can be corrupted but don’t be too much!
So if you are not with the government, you are with Thaksin. People cannot imagine that you are not for the government and not for Thaksin… But some do. All we do want is the democracy back, not Thaksin.

Why is the CNS forgiven in the « new » constitution?
They sent a paper to the king to ask forgiveness but it was not signed in 5 months… A coup is sentenced to death penalty or jail for life… So better to write something to protect yourself!

Censure to protect people or protect from people?
« When i open youtube, it feels like I was in Lord of the Ring… with that ‘eye’. ».
The MICT is controlling the internet… Every topics on « pantip » (webboard on internet widely used in Thailand) is checked and blocked when it could be dangerous for the government.
That is the first time I really feel the censure on internet or in the news since I arrived in Thailand.

Thaksin needed to be removed from office

Yes that is true… Thaksin was corrupted, and needed to be removed from his position of Prime Minister. But if you wanna change things, do it the way democracy works… Rome was not built in 1 day, remember… Democracy in Thailand won’t be as well but by destroying it with a coup, you start from zero again…

Thanks to Nine who gave me the ideas to write this article. Most of the content comes from what she told me as she got far much experience in thai governments than I do. It reflects my mind as well as I see how people reacts to the current events. I do hope democracy will come to Thailand as it deserves.
Censure never made a democracy…

Les choses ne sont pas au mieux ici, de grosses societes s’en vont, du boulot part et donc l’economie n’est plus au beau fixe. On nous cache la realite mais pourtant les faits sont la.

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